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History of Tau Upsilon

The Tau Upsilon Chapter of Tulane University was installed on April 28, 1951, at the historic St. Charles Hotel in New Orleans. The installation culminated in two years of struggle and was the first fraternity to be chartered at Tulane in 15 years. The fraternity had first contemplated a chapter at Tulane in 1941, but with World War II in progress, the time was not ripe, and the project was postponed. In 1949, three members of Mn Deuteron at Missouri interested Hans Feibelmann in the project, and Tau Upsilon was underway. By March 1950, the University Senate extended recognition and set a one-year probationary period as a local fraternity before nationalization was permitted.

In the fall of the 1951-52 academic year, the chapter moved into an old frame house at 7325 St. Charles, New Orleans. The following year, Herman Kohlman became Chapter Advisor, and Charles Hale transferred to Tau Upsilon from Phi Gamma at the University of Florida. In the following year, 1953-54, the chapter acquired one of its most beloved Advisors, “Uncle” Ben Lubel. The chapter continued to progress in the following years, placing second in the Homecoming Display contest in 1955-56 and leading the campus scholastically. The chapter continued to pledge many men and have many members involved in different organizations.

In recent years the chapter has been reestablished with the help of ten founding members. Officially being recognized by Tulane University in 2023. The brothers of the Tau Upsilon Chapter now work towards upholding their great legacy and history while being both leaders inside and outside of the classroom.

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